Music Lessons that don't FEEL like music lessons!

AMP's Trent Roset

What kid picks up an instrument with the dream of playing scales over and over? None we know of! The kids we've met want to learn guitar, piano, drums, you name it, so they can play the songs they know and love. And that's the power of AMP!

At AMP, our philosophy is simple: by teaching our students the songs they want to play in a fun, practical way, learning is no longer a chore, and music becomes a lifelong passion!

Whether your dream is to be able to play the guitar while singing around the campfire, jam with your buddies in your best friend's basement, connect with your kids on a new level, or take the stage in your very own band, we cater our music lessons to make your dreams and desires happen fast!

AMP Music School student

By focusing our music lessons primarily on pattern recognition and ear training, AMP can take a student with no prior musical training and have them playing a song of their choice in the first few lessons. You'll learn to appreciate the magic of your instrument in a practical, enjoyable way, which allows you to go on to play and discover even more music on your own.

Of course, if you already do know how to play and want to take your skills and performance to the next level, we're all about that, too! At AMP, we offer lessons from beginner to advanced right here in Medicine Hat, and that includes full performance coaching to take you from playing in the basement to rocking the stage at your own headlining shows!

So, now that you know us better, let us get to know you! Contact us with a quick email, and we'll get started on your musical journey together.

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