Trent Roset

(Department Head) Hey, I’m Trent Roset, founder of AMP and just one in an incredible group of teachers. Now, in Medicine Hat, my name is typically associated with my band Mahoney, but that’s just one part of my musical journey. In fact, it’s my own first experience with music lessons that inspired my vision for AMP.

I got into music before I really knew what music was, singing with my family on stage by the time I was old enough to hold a mic, and participating in church choirs and musical theatre productions. So, when my parents signed me up for Classical and Western guitar lessons, I was more than first.

With no choice but to learn the music my teacher put in front of me - songs a young kid just couldn't connect with – I absolutely HATED my guitar lessons. I thought about quitting every year, until I finally got to play the music I wanted to play! And THAT changed everything.

I discovered a passion for music that would take me through college, across the country to Montreal, and back home to Medicine Hat with Mahoney, and a future written in song.

With over 20 years of teaching and performance experience in Alberta and across Canada, I love being the one to help my students find that same love for music in a positive and downright cool way!

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